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Annoying Orange in Video Games (Saturday Supercut)

i won there's nobody else to fight wow I really love what you've done with the place I'm really fucked quiet we're fighting now no not we're talking well we're we're about to be fighting Wow because it's a fighting tournament Wow because up you know what enough of this you're going down but can you do this [Music] [Music] [Applause] that's it [Music] [Music] say this all these things what do I win I want to wait pony everybody I'm juicy and I know it papa I'm juicy and I know it geez looks like Mario's on a crash diet [Music] [Applause] [Music] the cars the titles flappy bird that hoverboard around the pipes bird although that is why we make you happy [Music] trap bird Dappy bird taffy bird double bacon trap you bird I can't focus well your turn you ruined my concentration again okay okay flappy bird I've decided I want to play by the rules introducing flappy born Wow [Music] born a bird I have a bird I'm going through so many half wipes they call me Tony hey watch where you're goin Tony Hawk you're messing with my flappy flow what does a hawk say okay okay waiting haha thanks I guess Oh flappy bird hey have you ever tried going into the pipes like Mario no because you can't go really why do you get to do that I don't know I'm really fought right out I don't want to jeopardize come on yeah there's a magical world just down this point I promise 100 lies absolutely nothing down there nothing I wouldn't say nothing but I would say [Applause] what's wrong duh no longer bored doctor would this up cause it's slander slander night yeah he's a scaredy nanny but out here he's got a knife huh stop singing do you want to get us killed sorry can I um instead focus buddy we gotta find these eight pages for slender finds us I don't know a pair this old game sounds pretty thin does he look a little scared over there okay time out hey noob it's called a pause whatever look I'm thinking we should split up out of that hey could you try to keep it down oh did you hear that yeah stupid bananas well they know okay we are definitely splitting up slender more like blender those bananas were everywhere hey it's a no from skinny mini hmm beware of slender man looks like there's only one thing to do no fancy photo black white bellies are playing food Hey whoa sorry skinny mine but I did have the flight of way I thought you were like me silent but deadly okay maybe not the silent part oh look at this you totally pick one of my pages I'm gonna have to iron this out now are you writing a book it's an opponent no does it go like this roses are red violets are blue slender's too skinny to even scare you yeah it's definitely a poem they should call you tender man not slender man stop it I'm very scary if you must know I on these woods I feast on all the souls who enter here the only way I carefully what is wrong with you I don't wanna talk about a slender bender [Music] hello hello I'm trapped inside this answering machine to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first fright I know I think I mean night I say I call you know to say night I swear paperweight on the desk so I know it can be a bit overwhelming but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about you'll do jack beachy so let's just focus on getting you through your first week okay okay let's see first there's an introductory greeting from the company that I'm supposed to read but it's really just long and boring so I'm just gonna motorboat instead the legal letter thingy orange you glad I skipped over the boring part [Music] yeah [Music] I think we are we're in yourself a fruit ninja you promise you're not gonna move [Music] I'm an orange belt um I hate to be that guy but you said my name on it's actually Ryu not Ryu oh well that's easy to remember cuz it rhymes with PU you know what I'm gonna enjoy kicking your orange be high no I did not say Hoboken New Jersey oh you say a lot of funny words rain you it's Ryu oh I don't wanna I want to fight who's there Ryu Ryu who Ryu pronounced really wrong so you can so you can sure you can no I'm saying so you can I think you're saying sure you can hey hey ray you can I take your sister total - thanks I'll be sure to treat a real nice your mom's phone number so you can can I try - token okay sure you can [Music] [Laughter] I responded to you I thought you were giving me the cold shoulder zero seriously could you please leave me alone I'm trying to get ready for the Mortal Kombat tournament the morsel can-can what now Mortal Kombat my back immortal Mortal Kombat nonsensical words you totally know what I'm saying no no can you please leave me alone the tournament is about to start bit by a shark no we're about to storm that'll warm you up on a frosty morning is wrong with you no what are you don't have any friends at her so isolated if I hear one more peep on you I'm gonna rip your pulp out through your non-existent nose hey yeah muddy wombats total combat no mighty wombat all right I already beat my first opponent in the Mortal Kombat tournament mortal farts app now Mortal Kombat oh snap these tiny wings are the funniest thing since t-rex arms hey hey anybody want to put on sunglasses too bad our arms are too small and also our arms are wings believe it invited this cloud oh oh want to hear me let's top every word that rhymes with clown town now that's all I can think of would you frog start the race already yeah frogs when race time comes along you must ribbit finally when it downhill comes along stop singing what a hill dip comes along you must step in we gotta lose this guy when a he'll jump comes along you limit how is he keeping up [Laughter] okay I think he's gone you guys should really get one of these it's way easier that's cheating you jerk I'm not a jerk I brought you again you did what now sure did well what is it blue bird let me guess it's a would you knock it off you're distracting us from the race well you know what they say I'm bored this game is so easy speak for yourself yeah bro as far as we're concerned this game is like action-packed and the graphics are amazing totally huh paddle on the right gets me back to the left babe open ape I bounce off the ceiling what happens next Oh big surprise the left paddle hits me and we repeat the fine babe open Apes SS boring hey hey why does seven afraid of me I don't know one cuz eight bits nine another 8-bit joke are you for real okay I can make this harder hey don't this game is already so action-packed today pong tomorrow I've got to save your princess hey where's the Bowser was that like it came from over here I'm an orange what did you do with the princess and toad toad is that like a frog no it's more like you know mushroom I know him he's a fun guy [Laughter] are you ready to a fight not really I'm kind of hungry well then try out no wonder my spicy meatballs meatballs or like you're throwing boogers stop throwing buggers mister picking flake is not a booger and I'm not to mess up the complete I'm a Super Mario SpaghettiOs I love SpaghettiOs it's a Super Mario not spaghetti Oh Oh what do you mean uh-oh SpaghettiOs a SpaghettiOs use a Kleenex already geez well you know good to bit orange to bit I'm at least eight bits taking my gloves off I can get to real amino when I want to I just do ask of my brother Luigi did you say linguini your own family's made of pasta you have a sister named ravioli princesses or else or else what she'll show what that you were talking about your crazy orange turtle shell whoa SpaghettiOs is bite-sized okay shrunk me you like a big orange Oracle Moranis oh don't worry bite-sized SpaghettiOs it could be worse good to be worse now I never find the princess how could it possibly be worse huh Oh what bullet [Laughter] Oh Super Mario we're like stupid Mario right guys I defeated Bowser and see if you guys hours ago yeah if I defeated Bowser you mean you annoy the living crap out of him until I just got angry and left whatever princess Apple that's peach thank you very much here an apple you guys are still here I told you already get out of my dungeon you freeloaders [Music] yeah two down and one to go whoa flashing flashing flashing solid [Music] [Laughter] just meters there something different about pac-man oh that's just your nerves talking buddy looks like he's going down yeah all right pac-man you know the drill Batman I'm not pac-man I'm an orange yeah no I'm a ghost so why don't you mad at ghosts you're a policeman no I'm not a cop then why are you working undercover Oh can I bet you know my friend boom boom boom jeez you don't have to cry about it no wonder he ran away he didn't have any guts oh darling nice one dude I think it's time to make the odds oh I don't feel very good [Applause] whoa talk about an eyeful hey we're tic-tacs it was disgusting not going back out there hey it's me I see you me you're not me I'm me hate this new guy whatever happened to pac-man okay shut up already you've been making that same noise for three hours I can't understand what you're saying [Music] [Applause] inky plinky yeah pinky everybody huddle up miss pac-man is really getting the best of us out there we need a new strategy we should wait for Clyde here he comes now all goes to moron ghosts who are you where's Clyde I'm filling it Clyde's feeling pretty she tea today I get it she um just listen up here's the plan pinky you go right right [Music] blinky you go up hey where'd the new guy go not much of a talker huh that's okay I think you've seen some really twisted stuff dude get in position she's coming it's miss pac-man not misses you see ring on this finger fucker happy honey finger looks like you really like eating those dots pop sure you but not as much as I like eating pretzels shared so many February's together like that time I said hey a pretzel and the other time he never responded Wow take it easy dude you should be worried about yourself see that big dot over there I did hey hey big dot hey dude it can't talk look here's the deal after I eat a big dot I'm gonna eat you so you better start running now I don't know why you're so into these dots they don't taste like anything hey don't do that why not knock it off I have to clear this level of dots you're making my job harder so stop doing that Hey look what I can do I call it the machine gun [Music] you're going down here to get your body back where are you going I thought you wanted your body back body back nope I changed my mind get it you are of no use to us if you're just eyes you look so funny now I don't look funny get off me [Music] expression you're making now stop making me look goofy you sound angry but you don't look angry [Music] I'm really gonna miss her does that mean we won we won there we won did it new guy you won the game for us Oh time to get shit-faced [Music]

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