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Cyberpunk 2077 — Official Trailer — The Gig

Screenshots within the game How much I love this city. It is a city full of endless opportunities Are you ready to be dazzled? Yes! Come on CD PROJEKT RED is offered It is a city like any other city. But it's just bigger .no, man. Not like any other city Here myths are born Your legend will begin Top layers .we are here; Because DX did just that I don't think this makes us the same class Next November But we are. But they don't know that yet On the other hand, if a person makes good use of his opportunities and manages to use it brilliantly; He will be able to do whatever he wants Unless you get hit by a bullet Even if that happens, it won't go without fuss, right? You can earn a lot of money if you act as a motivational speaker Hello, Master (V), nice to meet you So, what is this process, Dex? Are we going out safe? Ha ha ha ...

ha ha! What do you think about discussing the plan? There is experimental technology ... a vital chip, specifically. The process is bringing it Do I suppose it belongs to an organization? Mm, Arasaka. We are stealing some important businessmen Did you think you could blackmail me, you bastard? The higher the risk, the higher the reward. It's the first rule in afterlife. Money, my dear Needless to say, we will do it quietly, and it is best that there are no victims at all It seems simple Go to hell, you bastards! Will it be dangerous? Don't worry, my dear, we are bulletproof Quickly now! What the hell happened here? I can't stop loving Night City. The highest damned layers! Are you happy now, Jackie? Yes, they are too high! !it's time to go My God, we are eliminated DX, what nonsense? I can't risk that, Vey! And you? who are you? Aaaah! !Curse November 19 .

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